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Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center

Ohio History Connection Archives & Library

General Information

The Archives & Library is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. There is no charge for visiting the Archives & Library.

First Visit

We ask that all patrons register for a library card at the Welcome Desk in the entrance of the Ohio History Connection. Our catalog is available online ( should you wish to explore our holdings before your visit.

We have a closed stacks system. You will need to fill out a call slip for the collection(s) you wish to view. Our staff will page the items from our stacks, and deliver them to you for your review. For manuscript collections and State Archives, we ask that you examine one box at a time, maintaining file order.

Our local government records microfilm and newspapers on microfilm are available in our self-service microfilm room. We have microfilm/reader printers that make photocopies. The cost is 25 cents per page. We do have one microfilm reader/printer that will scan to pdf if you bring a flash drive. There is no charge to use this machine, but it is popular and there is sometimes a waiting list.

You are welcome to bring a laptop or other device to assist with research. The bags that they come in must be stored in a locker.  We have lockers available on the third floor in the lobby area outside the entrance to the library. The lockers require a quarter to release the key that locks them. We have electrical outlets in the bases of the lamps at each library table. We also have WiFi in our library. No handheld or personal scanners are allowed.

We do allow digital cameras for personal research purposes. You will be asked to read and sign a Digital Camera Policy form so that you understand our procedures.  All other photocopying is done by our staff. We have an electronic overhead scanner that will scan to pdf if you bring a flash drive. We charge 25 cents per page copied or scanned. We ask that you use pencils, no pens. We do provide pencils for our visitors.

Library Guidelines

  • Notebooks, computers and pencils are permitted in the library.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the library.
  • No bags are permitted in the library. Lockers are provided for the safety of personal items.
  • Digital cameras may be used for personal research purposes. All other photocopying is done by staff.
  • Extreme care is necessary for handling our unique materials. Defacing any collection in any way is not permitted.

Citing Materials

We receive many inquiries about materials in our holdings that people have found in books or online. A good citation can help our staff and new scholars discover new aspects of Ohio's history. Your citation should include Ohio History Connection, the collection name and number, box number and folder number.

For example:

  • MSS 11. Box 3. Folder 11. Winthrop Sargent Papers, Map of the Illinois River: Ohio History Connection.
  • MSS 294. Box 3. Folder 1. Robert Lucas Collection, Letter from A. S. Millington, 1 May 1835: Ohio History Connection.
  • VFM 3696. Center for Media Development Collection, 1975: Ohio History Connection.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center is a non-circulating research library. Our collections are available in Columbus, Ohio for public use. We will interlibrary loan microfilm formatted materials that fit into categories described below.

AVAILABLE through Interlibrary Loan

  • Newspaper microfilm – Search the Library and Newspapers section of our Online Collections Catalog. Add “npdb” to the end of your search term to limit the results to only newspapers. Or use the Browse by Newspapers feature. We loan newspapers that have a call number “Roll:” followed by a number (ex. Roll: 36371). We do not loan newspapers that have a call number “N” followed by a number and “Vol.” followed by a number (ex. N409 Vol. 076). Newspapers designated with an "N" are in paper format and available for use only in our library.
  • Microfilm of manuscript collections for which the Ohio History Connection holds the original material.
  • Some printed material (ex. published books) on microfilm.

UNAVAILABLE through Interlibrary Loan

  • Printed material (not held in microfilm format)
  • Manuscript material (not held in microfilm format)
  • Microfilmed manuscript collections for which the Ohio History Connection does not hold the original material
  • Government record microfilm: such as census, marriage, birth, death and naturalization records

How to Order

We accept requests for borrowing microfilm by the following methods:

  • OCLC WorldShare (preferred)
  • Regular mail (see address below)
  • FAX (see FAX number below)

Requests must come from a library and be submitted on library letterhead or an official form so that we know the request is from a library, rather than directly from a patron or individual.  Microfilm loaned from the Ohio History Connection must be used only at the requesting library's building during the loan period.

Fees and Other Policies

  • Our fee for loaning microfilm to U.S. libraries is $5.00 per roll. The loan fee for libraries located outside of the U.S. is calculated based on actual mailing costs. Please contact for a price quote.
  • Prepayment is not required. If orders are not prepaid, please request that we invoice the $5.00 per roll fee. We will then send an invoice with the film.
  • We accept payment via OCLC IFM or by check or money order. Checks should be made payable to the Ohio History Connection.
  • Loan period is 28 days.
  • Loaned material must be kept in the borrowing library at all times.
  • A library may have a maximum of 10 microfilm rolls from us at one time.
  • One renewal for up to 28 days is generally permitted, unless other researchers have requested the material. There is no charge to renew a loan.

Contact Information:

Interlibrary Loan
Archives & Library
Ohio History Connection
800 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

Phone: 614.297.2510
FAX: 614.297.2546


The Archives & Library benefits from the generosity of our donors to strengthen the printed materials collection. We acquire materials with a strong relationship to Ohio's history that will be useful to our researchers. Selection is guided by our Printed Materials Policy. Consideration is given to materials that are bound, indexed and sensibly arranged. Donors will be asked to provide the title, author, publication date and condition when offering any items.

Due to space constraints and limited resources, the Archives & Library is unable to accept all materials offered. We do not accept the following:

  • Photocopies of original materials,
  • Yearbooks,
  • Single issues of newspapers (unless historically significant to Ohio),
  • Materials that are dirty or in extreme disrepair,
  • Electronic publications.

To make a financial contribution to support the collection, click here.