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Warren G. Harding Research Guide

Warren G. Harding photograph collection, P 146, Ohio History Connection

Archival Collections 

This page contains a list of some of the Ohio History Connection's most notable manuscript and audiovisual collections that pertain to Warren G. Harding. An exhaustive list of manuscript and audiovisual materials held at the Ohio History Connection can be found by searching the archives and manuscripts catalog.

Warren G. Harding papers, 1888-1965 [MSS 345] * **

  • These papers, which occupy over 900 boxes, present an expansive and detailed account of the activities, concerns, and motivations of the United States’ 29th President. They reflect the entirety of Harding’s adult life, beginning with his career as a young newspaperman and his ownership of the Marion Star and ending with his presidency and death in 1923. The manuscripts in this collection address almost every aspect of Harding’s life: political, social, personal, and business materials are all present to varying degrees. 
  • Several hundred manuscripts from this collection have been scanned. Access digitized documents via Ohio Memory here.

Warren G. Harding photograph collection, 1850-1955 [P 146] *

  • The Warren G. Harding photographs contain a large number of photographs, albums and ephemera that mainly depict the 1920 presidential campaign, Harding's presidency, the travels of the first couple and the death of President Harding. Campaign photographs of particular interest depict the Harding’s now famous front porch, the numerous supporters who visited, and events that blurred the lines between politics and entertainment.
  • Several hundred photographs from this collection are digitized, although these only represent a fraction of the total size of this collection. Access digitized photographs via Ohio Memory here.

Warren G. Harding newsreels, 1920-1923, 1931 [V 17] *

  • The Warren G. Harding newsreels consists of eleven reels of 16mm acetate positive film. The films were produced by the major newsreel companies of the early 1920s, such as International, Pathe, and Fox. The great majority of the newsreels are “presentation reels” documenting highlights in the political career of Warren G. Harding from his 1920 campaign for United States President up until his death in 1923.
  • This collection is fully digitized. Access the newsreels via Ohio Memory here.

Warren G. Harding audio collection, circa 1921-1989 [AV 42]

  • The collection contains eight audio discs of speeches given by Harding during the first year of his presidency. The speeches, which address topics such as the return of soldiers' bodies from Europe and limiting armament, date from May to November 1921. The discs were recorded by the Perfect and Victor recording labels and Coronet Recording Company of Columbus, Ohio. Additionally, the collection includes modern copies of the speeches on audiodisc, reel-to-reel audio tape, and audio cassette. These were likely produced by the Ohio Historical Society Conservation Department in the 1970s or 1980s.

Warren G. Harding presidential collection, circa 1885-1980 [AV 116]

  • The Warren G. Harding Presidential Collection contains a variety of material relating to Harding's 1920 presidential campaign, presidency, death and memorials. Photographs include images of Harding s siblings, the Marion Star newspaper, the 1920 presidential campaign, Harding's appearances at public affairs and sports events, trips taken during his presidency, the Harding Home and the Harding Memorial, and a scrapbook of original photographs given to Harding of a trip taken by Thomas Edison, John Burroughs, Henry Ford and Harvey S. Firestone. Designs for the Harding Memorial, built in Marion between 1926 and 1927, are also a part of the collection.

Warren G. Harding papers, 1921-1923 [MSS 514]

  • This collection consists of an appointment book, press releases, executive proclamations, and speeches of President Warren G. Harding.

Warren G. Harding, 1920 [OVS 1305]

"Under Which Flag" campaign poster, 1920 [OVS 6030]

  • This poster from the 1920 presidential election depicts Democratic candidate James M. Cox raising the League of Nations flag while Warren G. Harding stands under the American flag, with the implication that Cox's loyalties did not fully lie with the United States. Access the digital image via Ohio memory here.

Ray Baker Harris papers, 1865-1963 [MSS 82] **

  • Chiefly correspondence, interviews, and documents gathered by Harris for use in his unpublished biography of Warren G. Harding.

Cyril C. Clemens collection, 1927-1952 [MSS 83] **

  • Correspondence and personal reminiscences about Warren G. Harding and his administration, gathered by Clemens for use in a planned Harding biography.

Malcom Jennings papers, 1914-1923 [MSS 85] **

  • Correspondence between Warren G. Harding and Malcolm Jennings (journalist and advisor to the former), relating to Harding's career, Ohio politics and national affairs. Includes personal notes from Florence Harding.

Charles E. Hard papers, 1894-1941 [MSS 86] **

  • Correspondence, personal reminiscences, and other documents from Charles E. Hard, an assistant secretary to President Harding. Materials relate to the Ohio Republican Party, Ohio politics, the 1920 presidential campaign, and the Harding administration. 

Hoke Donithen papers, 1894-1928 [MSS 89] **

  • Hoke Donithen was a lawyer of Marion, Ohio; this collection contains correspondence, checks, and other papers relating to his friendship with Harding; Republican Party politics (both state and national); the 1920 presidential campaign; recommendations for federal judicial appointments; and the organization and activities of the Harding Memorial Association. 

Frank Edgar Scobey papers, 1914-1928 [MSS 93] **

  • F.E. Scobey was clerk of the Ohio State Senate (1902-1906), owner of the Scobey Fireproof Storage Company, San Antonio, Texas, and director of the U.S. Mint. This collection contains social and political correspondence with and relating to Warren G. Harding, whom Scobey actively supported. 

Charles E. Sawyer papers, 1914-1926 [MSS 95] **

  • Dr. Charles E. Sawyer was a Marion, Ohio doctor and personal physician to Warren and Florence Harding. This collection contains Sawyer's personal and professional correspondence his son Carl and with Warren and Florence Harding. Also included are letters between Florence Harding and Dr. Sawyer's wife, May.

Dr. David Schneidman collection [MSS 1705 AV]

  • This collection features a variety of Harding materials, but has not yet been fully processed and currently lacks a catalog record or finding aid.

Fred Schultz panoramic photographs [OVS 5859-5915]

  • Approximately 57 panoramic photographs of President Harding in various contexts. It has not yet been fully cataloged, however, and lacks a single unified finding aid. Instead, each photograph possesses its own resource record in our catalog

*These materials were donated together by the Harding Memorial Association to the Ohio Historical Society from 1963-1965. For a complete history of these materials, please see the printed edition of the finding aid The Warren G. Harding papers: An inventory to the microfilm edition, available in print at the Archives Library of the Ohio History Connection or online through Ohio Memory.

**These materials were microfilmed as part of a grant-funded project from 1968-1970. MIC 3, the microfilm edition of these papers, is available through the Interlibrary Loan service of the Archives & Library. More information on our Interlibrary Loan services can be found here.