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Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center

Research By Staff Services

The Archives & Library staff is available to answer research request letters from the six general topics below:

Developmental Disabilities Research Requests

Legislative Research Requests

Mental Health Research Requests

Prison Copy or Research Requests

Vital Copy or Research Requests

Please be sure to review our collection holdings for each caeagory. Requests must be prepaid with a check or money order payable to the Ohio History Connection. DO NOT SEND CASH. Contact us at if you have questions regarding foreign requests/payment. All research fees are final; we make every effort to find the record, but the fee is not returned if not located. Please allow six to eight weeks for a response.

If your request is not covered by one of our research request forms, please consider visiting our Archives & Library in person or hiring a private researcher.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center is a non-circulating research library. Our collections are available in Columbus, Ohio for public use. We will interlibrary loan microfilm formatted materials that fit into categories described below.

AVAILABLE through Interlibrary Loan

  • ∞ Newspaper microfilm – Search our newspaper holdings using our Library Catalog.

    You can search by title in the library catalog and check 'newspaper' in the format section to limit your results to newspapers,
    or search by title and with the phrase newspaper microfilm (example: newspaper microfilm ti:columbus dispatch) to limit your results to just newspapers on microfilm.

    Click on the items in the results list to view date ranges, newspaper number and volume and/or roll numbers.

    We loan newspapers that have a call number “Roll:” followed by a number (ex. Roll: 36371). We do not loan newspapers that have a call number “N” followed by a number and “Vol.” followed by a number (ex. N409 Vol. 076). Newspapers designated with an "N" are in paper format and available for use only in our library.

  • ∞ Microfilm of manuscript collections for which the Ohio History Connection holds the original material and negative master copy of the microfilm.

  • ∞ Some printed material (ex. published books) on microfilm.

UNAVAILABLE through Interlibrary Loan

  • ∞ Printed material (not held in microfilm format)

  • ∞ Manuscript material (not held in microfilm format)

  • ∞ Microfilmed manuscript collections for which the Ohio History Connection does not hold the original material and negative master copy of the microfilm.

  • ∞ Government record microfilm: such as census, marriage, birth, death and naturalization records

How to Order

We accept requests for borrowing microfilm by the following methods:

  • ∞ OCLC WorldShare (preferred)

  • ∞ Regular mail (see address below)

Requests must come from a library and be submitted on library letterhead or an official form so that we know the request is from a library, rather than directly from a patron or individual.  Microfilm loaned from the Ohio History Connection must be used only at the requesting library's building during the loan period.

Fees and Other Policies

Our fee for loaning microfilm to U.S. libraries is $5.00 per roll. The loan fee for libraries located outside of the U.S. is calculated based on actual mailing costs. Please contact for a price quote.

  • ∞ Prepayment is not required. If orders are not prepaid, please request that we invoice the $5.00 per roll fee. We will then send an invoice with the film.

  • ∞ We accept payment via OCLC IFM or by check or money order. Checks should be made payable to the Ohio History Connection.

  • ∞ Loan period is 28 days.

  • ∞ Loaned material must be kept in the borrowing library at all times.

  • ∞ A library may have a maximum of 10 microfilm rolls from us at one time.

  • ∞ One renewal for up to 28 days is generally permitted unless other researchers have requested the material. There is no charge to renew a loan.

Contact Information:

Interlibrary Loan
Archives & Library
Ohio History Connection
800 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

Phone: 614.297.2510

Photocopy Requests

We require a specific citation for the materials you wish to have scanned. Certain materials may not be photocopied for preservation reasons, copyright status or due to other restrictions.

Photocopy service cannot replicate archival research. Sometimes you may have to travel to engage with collections in person to further your research. We will be here to help.

Due to the limited time staff has access to collections, copy requests exceeding 50 pages may be reviewed and accepted at the discretion of the Ohio History Connection Archives & Library staff.

Prior to sending the electronic scans, we will provide a page count with the total for your order. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received, and it could take up to several weeks to process and deliver a copy request. We will not begin processing the order until the payment has been received. Our fee for photocopy quality copies or electronic scans is $0.25 per page plus a $10.00 handling fee. The handling fee covers the cost of expenses related to fulfillment of your order. Contact for cost estimates.

A Photocopy Request requires a specific citation to the item to be copied. A specific citation to a book, pamphlet, or magazine must include:

  • Title of the item, article or chapter title

  • Author of the item

  • Date of publication

  • Call Number of the item

A specific citation to a newspaper article must include:

  • Title of the item or article

  • Title of the newspaper

  • Date of publication

  • Page number

A specific citation to a manuscript or audio/visual collection must include:

  • Title of the item

  • Author of the item

  • Call Number of the item

  • Box and Folder Numbers or Microfilm Roll Number of the item (if applicable)

The Ohio History Connection reserves the right to restrict reproduction due to the following criteria.

  • Fragile condition of the item or record

  • Copyright restriction

  • Number of pages requested exceeds the policy for copying from a single item

  • Original research is required to identify items within a collection

Document Camera 

We have a standalone document camera, called a HoverCam, available for free to researchers in the Archives & Library research room. HoverCams attach to your Mac or Windows laptop computer and allow you to capture and save images directly to your device. Please ask the Reference Archivists in the library for assistance accessing the HoverCam. Personal document cameras and scanners are not permitted in the library.

Below are instructions for setup and using the Archives & Library HoverCam.

1. Download and Install HoverCam software

  • Connect the HoverCam using the provided USB cable to your laptop. Make sure the cable is plugged into the "Install" port on the HoverCam. You may visit their website ahead of time to download the HoverCam Flex 11 software.

2. Connect and Configure the HoverCam

  • Once the software is installed, exit out of the program. Plug the USB cable into the additional port at the base of the HoverCam. If the HoverCam software does not start automatically, manually start the application on your device. 
  • Click the "Settings" icon on the bottom right corner of the menu at the bottom of the program.
  • Use the "Archive" tab to select what folder you want to save your images. When you make this change, you will need to click "Save," then close and restart to HoverCam software.
  • Select the "Scan" tab to choose your file preferences (jpg, png, tiff, pdf, etc.)

3. Capture Images

  • Click the "Snapshot" icon on the menu at the bottom of the screen to take and save images.

4. Review Images

  • Select the "Expand" tab on the left side of the screen to view images you have made.
  • Click the "Go to Archive" arrow to view images saved to your hard drive.

When in doubt, check the Hovercam/USB ports and reboot the software. 

Citation: Citing Ohio History Connection Materials

We receive many inquiries about materials in our holdings that have been found in books or online. A good citation can help our staff and new scholars discover new aspects of Ohio's history. Your citation should include Ohio History Connection, the collection name and number, box number and folder number.

For example:

  • MSS 11. Box 3. Folder 11. Winthrop Sargent Papers, Map of the Illinois River: Ohio History Connection.

  • MSS 294. Box 3. Folder 1. Robert Lucas Collection, Letter from A. S. Millington, 1 May 1835: Ohio History Connection.

  • VFM 3696. Center for Media Development Collection, 1975: Ohio History Connection.

Permission to Publish

Where the Ohio History Connection holds copyright, it reserves the right to exercise judgment concerning the appropriateness of commercial reproduction and conformance with the values of the organization and those of the original creator.

Permission to publish copyrighted material may be offered only to the extent of the Ohio History Connection ownership of the rights related to the request or when documented special arrangements between the Ohio History Connection and the copyright holders have been made and when a request complies with donor agreements and any known copyright restrictions.

Any permission granted will be for one-time, non-exclusive use of the material.

Possession of a reproduction does not constitute permission to publish, exhibit, or broadcast it. Written permission (Request for Permission to Publish form) from the Ohio History Connection must be secured to publish, broadcast, exhibit, resell, or otherwise disseminate or make available in any form including digital or Web publishing, any copyrighted materials obtained directly or indirectly from the Archives & Library at the Ohio History Connection.

The Ohio History Connection is unable to conduct copyright searches and cannot counsel users in the application of copyright law.

Text from materials held by Ohio History Connection may be quoted without permission of the organization. Proper citation and accuracy of the quoted text are the responsibility of the author. When quoting archival collections, please cite the materials according the guidelines in the previous section.


Researchers for Hire

The following people have indicated an interest in doing genealogical research for a fee. Arrangements for research must be handled directly with the researcher.

‚ÄčThe Ohio History Connection is not involved, nor does Ohio History Connection have any responsibility

for the work performed by a privately hired researchers listed below.

In-State Researchers

Troy Bailey
1659 Chapel Rd.
Jefferson, OH 44047
phone: 440/275-7829 or 440/645-0465
(Ashtabula County and Surrounding Area)

Shelley Bishop
Buckeye Family Trees
4634 Shropshire Circle
Dublin, OH 43016
(Ohio research, Civil War, lineage societies; member Association of Professional Genealogists)

Jayne Davis
2018 Shallowford Ave
Columbus, OH 43235
phone: 614/889-2065

Cindy Lindsay, MLIS
C. Lindsay Genealogy
3622 Sanctuary Loop
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
(Genealogy Research - Franklin County and Central Ohio)

Agnes Moio
1660 E Main St. Lot 81
Lancaster, OH 43130
phone: (740) 687-5087
(Genealogy Research – Franklin, Fairfield and Hocking Counties, Ohio)

Laurie Hermance-Moore, MLS, AG®
Heritage Bridge
4921 Stoney View Court
Columbus, OH 43231
phone: 614-288-5656
Accredited by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) in U.S. Midwest States: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, MIchigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri. 
Accepting larger projects only (minimum 15 hours).

Mrs. James G. Koogler
Tapping Roots
603 Grant St.
Fairborn, OH 45324-5428
phone: 937-879-3518
(Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clinton, Darke, Greene, Logan, Madison, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Warren, and Fayette Co.)

Carolyn Braden Lewis
CBL Research
225 Hayden Ave.
Riverside, OH 45431-1969
phone: 937/253-1029
(Ohio in general; Midwest U.S.)

Alice Coyle Lunn, PhD, CG
8471 Lewis Rd.
PO Box 38187
Olmsted Falls, OH 44138
phone: 440/235-3885
(Ohio in general, especially Northeast Ohio and Irish records, Forensic Genealogy)

Marcia McCartt
16 W. Elm St.
Monroe, Ohio 45050
phone: 513/539-7406
(All Ohio Counties; Indiana; Kentucky; Virginia; West Virginia; Tennessee; lineage society research; Member APG)

Carol Montrose
7421 Central College
New Albany, OH 43054
phone: 614/284-7944
(Ohio in general, over 30 years’ experience)

Perry Palumbo
48 E Southington Ave
Worthington, OH 43085
phone: 614/888-3976
(Specializes in newspaper research)

Kenna Peterson Knotts
Searching to Reunite
PO Box 296
Blacklick, OH 43004
phone: 614/759-9622
fax: 614/626-0408
(Private Investigator researching open/closed Ohio adoptions, Ohio family research and look-ups)

Sara Skotzke, PLCGS
Sara's Genealogy Research
1641 Chestnut Blvd.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
(APGEN member, researching Ohio)

Henry R. Timman
3985 Medusa Rd.
Norwalk, OH 44857-9520
phone: 419/668/1122
(Erie and Huron Co.)

Linda Van Dyke
PO Box 141113
Columbus, OH 43214
phone: 614/267-6424
(Ohio in general, especially Central Ohio)

Out-Of-State Researchers

Roseann Hogan, PhD
Ancestry Research Services
10624 S. Eastern Ave A 377
Henderson NV 89052
phone: 702.900.0760
(Southern/Central Ohio, Kentucky native; German speaking countries, Irish, Italian, Jewish families; Access to national and international records via the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City)

Yolanda Campbell Lifter
1920 Eva Lane
Malabar, FL 32950-3219
(Member of Association of Professional Genealogists)

Angela MacLellan
AHM Genealogy LLC
Plymouth, MI
(734) 459-7912 
(Ohio family history research using online and offline resources. Specializing in southwest, southeast, and central Ohio counties. Association of Professional Genealogists member.)

Taylor Research Group
Pitt Street Centre
1240 N. Pitt St.
Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
phone: 703/822-4658
(Environmental and Legal Research; Military Research; Ohio History; Military Records)
Josh Jenkins
Columbia, MD 21044
(Association of Professional Genealogists member researching all counties in Ohio: Family Tree, Census, Civil War, Vital Records, DNA, Native American)

Professional Genealogists

American Ancestors
Washington DC
phone: 202 568-4557

Legacy Tree Genealogy
50 W. Broadway Suite 303
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
phone: 801.783.1277