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Warren G. Harding Research Guide

Laddie Boy figurine, H 15079, Ohio History Connection

Museum Collections

This page contains a chronologically arranged list of some of the Ohio History Connection's most notable museum objects that pertain to Warren G. Harding. Several of these are currently on display at Warren G. Harding Presidential Sites in Marion, Ohio.  A full list of museum objects may be found by searching the museum object catalog.

Inauguration podium, circa 1921 [H 15959]

  • Harding used this mahogany podium to deliver his inaugural address on March 4, 1921.

Inauguration suit, circa 1921 [H 95125]

  • The black suit Harding wore during his March 4, 1921 inauguration.

Laddie Boy figurine, 1921 [H 15079]

  • Metal figurine of President Harding's Airedale terrier, Laddie Boy, depicted with a newspaper in his mouth.

Carved walrus skull, 1923 [H 15929]

  • A walrus skull gifted to President Harding during the Voyage of Understanding by W. F. Sheard of Tacoma, Washington. A variety of Native Alaskan motifs are carved into the skull and its tusks. 

Staff of Authority totem, 1923 [H 15981]

  • Brown wooden totem gifted to President Harding during the Voyage of Understanding. It features a carved eagle holding something in its beak. The eagle sits at the end of a long pole carved to resemble bamboo. 

Miniature bridge sculpture, circa 1923 [H 15621.001]

  • Miniature bridge made of Alaskan gold by Wallace B. Calderhead of Nenana, Alaska, and presented to President Harding in 1923 during his Voyage of Understanding. It is a reproduction of the railroad bridge that crosses the Yukon River at Nenana, Alaska (the same bridge at which Harding drove a ceremonial golden spike).