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Resources for Identifying and Researching Your Artifacts, Objects and Specimens

Helpful resources from the Curators at the Ohio History Connection to identify, research and preserve a variety of Ohio items. Use the tabs at the left to see resources related to specific items.


Fossils, Rocks and Minerals

Fossil, Rock, and Mineral Identification - Orton Geological Museum, Ohio State University. Contact Dale Gnidovec, Curator; website under revision, link coming soon. 

Rock, Mineral & Fossil Identification – Division of Geological Survey, Ohio Department of Natural Resources. 

Fossils in Ohio – A great overview of resources to help identify and learn about Ohio’s fossils. Division of Geological Survey, Ohio Department of Natural Resources. 

Rodney M. Feldmann, Editor, Fossils of Ohio, 1996, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey.  

Identification Guide for Common Fossils of the Cincinnatian – an interactive guide to southwest Ohio invertebrate fossils. Cedarville University. 

Rock and Mineral Identification – Department of Mineralogy, Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 

Meteorites versus meteor-wrongs! Meteorites in the United States are extremely rare, so use the tools on this web site before contacting museums about potential meteorites finds. Washington University in St. Louis. 

Guide to Kentucky Fossils, many of which are similar to Ohio specimens. Kentucky Geological Survey. 

Fossil Identification – The Paleontological Society.

Stanley J. Olsen, Osteology for the Archaeologist: the American Mastodon and the Woolly Mammoth, 2004, Papers of the Peabody Museum Vol. 56, Numbers 3 -5, Harvard Univ. Press.

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