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Resources for Identifying and Researching Your Artifacts, Objects and Specimens

Helpful resources from the Curators at the Ohio History Connection to identify, research and preserve a variety of Ohio items. Use the tabs at the left to see resources related to specific items.

Animal Bones and Teeth Identification Assistance

We are interested in assessing animal skeletal specimens that are recovered in Ohio. Remains of scientifically important Pleistocene (Ice Age) species are uncovered in the state from time to time. The Ohio History Connection has staff expertise to identify and document such finds and can provide museum storage space for select specimens. We can also help to identify skulls and bones of modern species. Please contact us at or 614-297-2535 if you have animal bones and teeth we can assist you with.

Animal Bones and Teeth Identification Resources

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Mark Elbroch, Animal Skulls, 2006, Stackpole Books.

Christopher Brown and Carl Gustafson, A Key to Postcranial Skeletal Remains of Cattle/Bison, Elk, and Horse, 1979, Washington State University.

Donate an Item to the Collections

Interested in donating an item to the Ohio History Connection? Learn what we collect and how to donate here.