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Religious Records Research at the Archives & Library of the Ohio History Connection

Disciples of Christ

The Disciples of Christ grew out of movements seeking Christian unity in Pennsylvania and Kentucky in the early 1800s. Several prominent Ohioans belonged to this church, including James Garfield, the twentieth president of the United States. By the early 1850s, the Disciples of Christ boasted over ninety churches in Ohio. In 1850, the group established the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, which became Hiram College in 1867. The faith separated into two groups -- The Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ, or "Christian Church" -- in 1906.

Below are lists of select archival and library materials related to the Disciples of Christ, available for research at the Ohio History Connection Archives & Library. Review the catalog links below, or explore our Online Collections Catalog using a specific church name or related search terms for more information [example search terms: "Disciples of Christ", "Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)", "Church of Christ"].


The American Christian Review [XL 286.605 Am35]

Christian Leader [286.605 C461]

The Christian Baptist [286.6 C152c]

The Christian Pioneer [287.605 C464]

The Christian Quarterly [286.605 C463]

Christian Standard [286.605 C462]

The Evangelist [Vault 286.605 Ev14]

The Heretic Detector [Vault 286.605 H421]

The Lookout for Christ and the Church [286.605 L872]

The Millennial Harbinger [Vault 286.605 M611]

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