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The Society of Friends, also known as the Quakers, settled in eastern and southern Ohio in the late 1700s and early 1800s. They established Mt. Pleasant, Alliance, Salem, and Lisbon in addition to several other communities across the state. The first Quaker to arrive in Ohio was George Harlan in 1795. To connect Quakers across the state, the Ohio Yearly Meeting as established in 1813. In 1821, Quakers in Wapakoneta formed a school to teach Shawnee Indians the English language and their farming techniques. The Quakers opposed violence and war, and were active in the Underground Railroad. They established Wilmington College in 1870.

Below are lists of select archival and library materials related to the Quakers, available for research at the Ohio History Connection Archives & Library. Review the catalog links below, or explore our Online Collections Catalog using a specific church name or related search terms for more information [example search terms: "Quakers -- Ohio", "Society of Friends", "Friends, Society of"].

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