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Welcome to the Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center: Visiting the Archives & Library

Welcome to the Ohio History Connection Archives & Library!

Visit the Archives & Library

This page will provide information about the various ways that you can visit the Archives & Library, including helpful links and other information!

Contact Us

Contact the Archives & Library

Archives & Library 
Ohio History Connection 
800 East 17th Avenue 
Columbus, OH 43211 

Phone: 614.297.2510 
FAX: 614.297.2546 

Personalized Research Experience

Consider scheduling an appointment today for a personalized research experience to connect with one of our talented archivist librarians before your visit! Not sure if a personalized research experience is for you? Consider the following:

This is my first visit to the Archives & Library (or my first visit in a long while)!

  • Connect with one of our amazing archivist librarians before you come in; they can help answer any questions, walk through our practices and guidelines, and help clarify any expectations so your visit is a successful one!

Do you have several items from the stacks you'd like to review?

  • No waiting to see if we can page for you while you're here - materials of interest will be ready for you when you arrive!

Are you working on a complex research project?

  • Library staff can ensure any concerns or questions are addressed before you arrive!

Are you part of a group working on related topics or a large scale project?

  • Library staff can help the group ensure space, resources, and respond to any questions to keep your project moving forward!

Just starting your research and have a lot of questions?

  • You'll have the chance to work with one of our professional staff to answer any questions ahead of time!

You want to ensure a space is reserved for you.

  • No worrying about whether there'll be a microfilm reader or HoverCam available – we'll reserve one for you, guaranteed, on your preferred day and time!

You want to have materials available over multiple days.

  • Materials can be held for you for several visits, saving you time!

You have questions or need assistance with technology (hovercams, microfilm readers, etc.)

  • Library staff can ensure any concerns or questions are addressed before you arrive!

You want to receive email notifications about any changes to our hours, access, resources, or other updates relevant to your visit.

  • By scheduling an appointment, we'll be able to keep you updated and informed so you can make the most of your visit!

Welcome Walk-ins!

We welcome walk-in researchers who want to:

  • Use our Reading Room materials, which include thousands of ready-reference, county and city histories, genealogical, and other valuable resources.
  • Search our digital collections and subscriptions from one of our computer terminals.
  • Engage with our microfilm collections.
    • Please note, priority for microfilm readers is given to those who have scheduled appointments.
  • Request limited same-day materials from our closed stacks.

A few notes on same-day requests from the stacks:

  • Paging takes some time and we thank you for your consideration of our staff.
  • Some requests may not be filled day-of and may require an appointment – our staff will work with you to explain any such situations and help you schedule your appointment should we not be able to navigate your request day-of.
  • Factors that impact whether we can page a request day-of or will suggest a follow-up appointment include: staffing, the size or type of materials requested, the number of materials requested, the location of the materials, the condition of the materials, and more.
  • We cease paging items 45 minutes before our closing time. No new requests will be accommodated during that time.

Check-in at the library reference desk when you arrive so we can get you set up at an open research station.

  • Open research stations, computer terminals, and other equipment are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to appointments and so cannot be guaranteed. All rules and guidelines regarding interacting with our collections and the Research Room must be observed.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Schedule an appointment today!

Go to our convenient online calendaring tool and follow the prompts. Our calendaring tool will show you the days and times that are currently free to make scheduling easier. Here's some helpful hints for using our calendaring tool:

  • When you click on 'make a reservation,' you have the option to choose either "Research and Microfilm Room Reservations," which include engagement with staff and the chance to engage with resources from our closed-stack collections, or "Microfilm Room Only Reservations," preferred for those times when you just want to use our microfilm holdings.
    • Appointments are for times during our open hours (Wednesdays 12:30p-3p and Thursdays / Fridays from 10a-3p). "Research and Microfilm Room Reservations" are scheduled two-weeks out from any given day.  "Microfilm Room Reservations"can be scheduled as late as 24-hours in advance, do not include engagement from staff, and do not include closed stacks materials.
  • The next screen gives you the chance to select your preferred date or the next available date; if the boxes are white, that means that that date / time is outside our scheduling parameters. If they're red, that means those options aren't available, and if they're green, that means they are available. Click on the squares for the dates / times you want to reserve and they should turn yellow. Click 'submit times' at the bottom.
  • From here, you can enter your name, contact information, any collection information, and answer a few helpful questions for our staff. Click 'Submit my Booking' and you're done!

If you have questions, please email and check our website for any hours changes.

Group or Organizational Visits

Are you part of a group who is interested in visiting the Archives & Library? Does your organization have a research project or need?  Email with all the details about your group, your project, and any relevant time frames to connect with a librarian archivist today!