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Welcome to the Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center: Research 101

Welcome to the Ohio History Connection Archives & Library!

Research Begins with a Question

Research Begins with a Question.

Helping yourself find information or asking a librarian or archivist for advice depends on formulating a question that defines your research goal.

Ask the question you want answered.

Be specific and concise.

Share the sources you have already checked.

Developing a Research Question

Research Steps

Once you've chosen your research topic, review what has already been written about the topic.
Examine the bibliographies and footnotes. What sources are cited? Where are the sources located?
Identify gaps. What questions do you have that may help you refine your research question?

What are the requirements of the assignment?
How many sources do I need?
How should I cite my sources?

Are there sources for my topic?
What keywords will I use?
Ask a librarian!

Where are the best sources?
Can I access them?
Can I access them online, or will I need to visit the library?
Is there an index?

Read, consider, reread
Does the source support my thesis?
Take notes
Keep track of citations

Organize sources and citations
Draw conclusions
Present information