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Welcome to the Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center: Reading Room Resources

Welcome to the Ohio History Connection Archives & Library!

Reading Room Resources

We hold a variety of resources available for your use in our Reading Room to enhance your visit.  Learn more about them, and see one of our Archivist Librarians for help!

Contact Us

Contact the Archives & Library

Archives & Library 
Ohio History Connection 
800 East 17th Avenue 
Columbus, OH 43211 

Phone: 614.297.2510 
FAX: 614.297.2546 

Finding Aids

Finding Aids

Many archival collections have a finding aid, which is an inventory that outlines what you may find in a collection.  Consulting the finding aid may help you figure out what, specifically, you want to request from a collection that may include hundreds of items. You can find some online at Ohio Memory by searching "finding aids" or review them physically in the Reading Room - just ask any of our friendly archivist librarians for help!

Audio / Visual Support

Audio/Visual Support

We have limited audio/visual equipment to support researchers engagement with our collections.  In addition to a light box, magnifiers, and gloves for engaging with images, we also have a cassette player and headphones for engaging with some audio formats. For collections with unique needs, please see an archivist librarian for more information.

If a researcher is interested in reviewing materials with AV needs that can't be met with the resources described above, please note that those requests will be referred to our A/V archivist, Archives Services. At their discretion, they will review the request, the resources needed, space availability, timing, staff availability, and any other factors and determine whether the materials can be engaged with at this time. Given constraints surrounding space and staffing, we must handle every request on a by-request basis.  Researchers may need to be flexible with regards to timing, and so are encouraged to plan ahead. 

Document Camera

Document Camera 

We have a standalone document camera, called a HoverCam, available for free to researchers in the Archives & Library research room. HoverCams attach to your Mac or Windows laptop computer and allow you to capture and save images directly to your device. Please ask the Reference Archivists in the library for assistance accessing the HoverCam. Personal document cameras and scanners are not permitted in the library.

Below are instructions for setup and using the Archives & Library HoverCam.

1. Download and Install HoverCam software

  • Connect the HoverCam using the provided USB cable to your laptop. Make sure the cable is plugged into the "Install" port on the HoverCam. You may visit their website ahead of time to download the HoverCam Flex 11 software.

2. Connect and Configure the HoverCam

  • Once the software is installed, exit out of the program. Plug the USB cable into the additional port at the base of the HoverCam. If the HoverCam software does not start automatically, manually start the application on your device. 
  • Click the "Settings" icon on the bottom right corner of the menu at the bottom of the program.
  • Use the "Archive" tab to select what folder you want to save your images. When you make this change, you will need to click "Save," then close and restart to HoverCam software.
  • Select the "Scan" tab to choose your file preferences (jpg, png, tiff, pdf, etc.)

3. Capture Images

  • Click the "Snapshot" icon on the menu at the bottom of the screen to take and save images.

4. Review Images

  • Select the "Expand" tab on the left side of the screen to view images you have made.
  • Click the "Go to Archive" arrow to view images saved to your hard drive.

When in doubt, check the Hovercam/USB ports and reboot the software.