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Newspapers at the Archives & Library of the Ohio History Connection

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The Archives & Library at the Ohio History Center is a non-circulating research library. Our collections are available in Columbus, Ohio, for public use.  We will, however, interlibrary loan newspaper microfilm.

We loan newspapers that have a call number “Roll:” followed by a number (ex. Roll: 36371). We do not loan newspapers that have a call number “N” followed by a number and “Vol.” followed by a number (ex. N409 Vol. 076). Those newspapers designated with an "N" are still in their paper format and available for use only in our library.

How To Order

How to Order

We accept requests for borrowing microfilm by the following methods:

  • OCLC WorldShare (preferred)

  • Regular mail (see address below)

Requests must come from a library and be submitted on library letterhead or an official form so that we know the request is from a library, rather than directly from a patron or individual.  Microfilm loaned from the Ohio History Connection must be used only at the requesting library's building during the loan period.

Fees and Other Policies

  • Our fee for loaning microfilm to U.S. libraries is $5.00 per roll. The loan fee for libraries located outside of the U.S. is calculated based on actual mailing costs. Please contact for a price quote.

  • Prepayment is not required. If orders are not prepaid, please request that we invoice the $5.00 per roll fee. We will then send an invoice with the film.

  • We accept payment via OCLC IFM or by check or money order. Checks should be made payable to the ‘Ohio History Connection’.

  • Loan period is 28 days.

  • Loaned material must be kept in the borrowing library at all times.

  • A library may have a maximum of 10 microfilm rolls from us at one time.

  • One renewal for up to 28 days is generally permitted, unless other researchers have requested the material. There is no charge to renew a loan.

Contact Information:

Interlibrary Loan
Archives & Library
Ohio History Connection
800 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

Phone: 614.297.2510